02170 - Bruno

ID: 02170
Name: Bruno
Sex: Male
Breed: French Bulldog / Pure Breed
Age: 9 yrs. old
Good w/Dogs: Unknown
Good w/Cats: Unknown
Good w/Children: Yes [12+]
Housetrained: Yes
Requested Donation: $200.00

Bruno is a 9 yr old French Bulldog with special needs. He was surrendered to us with his 9 yr old puggle brother because their elderly owner had passed away. Like his brother, Bruno is sweet and docile. However, Bruno had disc surgery when he was 2 yrs old, and it has resulted in some mobility problems and occasional incontinence. Additionally Bruno has had ongoing issues related to his weight and diet. He currently is on special food and supplements which help him maintain his weight. Despite these limitations, Bruno has shown nothing but resilience. He loves to go outside and have his belly rubbed. He is intelligent and observant and able to adapt to his limitations. And Bruno has the most beautiful eyes. They are absolute pools of love. If you can offer our special Bruno a special home you will be rewarded immensely . ** Read more below**: p> Introducing Bruno!  Yes, we know, a FRENCHIE!  He's the cutest senior guy at 9 years of age.  Bruno came to us via surrender.  We were told " he had back surgery when he was 2 and he wobbles a bit, but otherwise he's perfectly fine." Sadly, Bruno is FAR from "fine".  He's not even slightly "ok".  Bruno upon arrival to his foster parent was emaciated (as shown) and had nearly no use of his back legs.  He just dragged them along.  He was/is also incontinent of poop and urine, especially while asleep, so he is now a diaper kid. We suspect Bruno has severe IBD causing his significant weight loss.  (We are happy to report that with a very special diet, he has gained 2 lbs.  However, it's extremely slow and nowhere near his ideal weight of approximately 30 lbs.) The rescue obtained a cart for Bruno, but it is not customized and he doesn't like it.  Bruno is a determined little guy and is impressively gaining strength in his hind legs due to his foster mom letting him "run free" in her yard for exercise. Yay!  So, Bruno is on medical hold while we continue to get diagnostics done and tweak his diet as needed.  Bruno's diet, supplements food, and vetting is very costly.  If you'd like to help get him everything he needs, we have posted an Amazon "wish list" for anyone to browse and shop. While he's not yet available for adoption, applications for our available dogs are welcome any time.  We'll keep everyone updated as we learn more about sweet Bruno.

 *All adoption donations are tax deductible*