About Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue, Inc.

Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue, Inc. is an all volunteer 501(c)3 corporation and none of our board members, staff or volunteers are salaried.

Our Certificate of Incorporation was filed in the state of New York in August 2003.

You can verify our tax exempt status by searching for us on the IRS website, click here.

You can review our current by-laws by clicking here.




Where do the dogs in rescue come from? 

Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue dogs are all surrendered to the rescue. These dogs are surrenders from commercial breeders, local owner surrenders and shelters. 

Do you buy dogs from breeders or puppy mills?

Buffalo Pugs never purchases dogs from breeders / puppy mills. We have an extensive rescue team that works together to build relationships with breeders. Through a team effort they are able to work to save dogs that are not wanted for various reasons. 

Are dogs kept at the adoption center? 

No. All of our dogs are kept in foster homes. Buffalo Pug fosters are all volunteers. They have the option to bring dogs to the adoption center for grooming, socialization, and meet and greets  on the weekends.

What is included in the adoption fee? 

All dogs are given age appropriate vetting in accordance with NYS laws. 

They are provided a wellness exam, age appropriate vaccines, heartworm and fecal testing.  We treat for identified health concerns. All dogs are microchipped and altered (spay/neuter) prior to adoption.

How do you end up with puppies in rescue?

Some are surrendered from breeders when they have not sold, need vetting, or are special needs. Some are born in rescue; these are NOT litters bred in rescue. Occasionally breeders will release females to the rescue and when we take them for vetting it is discovered they are pregnant. We take care of and love all of our surprise litters. 

How long are dogs kept in rescue? 

The foster homes in our rescue commit to keeping any dog for a minimum of three weeks. This time period allows dogs to be vetted and show their personality. This is a minimum hold. The fosters/rescue will keep all dogs until they are deemed ready physically and emotionally; and an appropriate adopter can be found. 

What happens if I see a dog I like? 

Complete the application. https://www.buffalopugs.org/?page=new_adoption_app

Applications are reviewed by our fosters/volunteers. Please be aware you may not receive updates or notifications on the status of your application. We apologize for any inconvenience. Foster families will reach out if they feel you are a match to further discuss. Applications are kept on file for 6 months and can be updated by a volunteer if you desire to make any changes. Please do stop in to our adoption center to inquire or learn more. 

Tips to make your application stand out:

Be sure to thoroughly complete all sections -especially the personal contact information and home details.  Add personal notes in the comments section at the end so we get the full picture of why you want to adopt.   

How can I be sure that I am considered for a dog?

Volunteers and Fosters check all applications to select the best home for the dog. If you have a strong interest in a dog, watch our facebook page to see if the dog will be available for open meet and greets during our weekend hours. Even if you do not see the dog you want scheduled to be at the adoption center, stop in to see us! Our volunteers can talk with you, take your information, and send it directly to the foster for review.

Why was I not chosen for the dog I applied for? 

We understand the disappointment when a dog is adopted to a different home. Unfortunately there are times we have multiple good applications for one dog, and our fosters will make their decision based on what they have seen with the dog in their care. It is not first come first served, there is very careful thought put into every adoption. 

What's next if I see the dog I was hoping for adopted?

Your application will remain on file for 6 months. If you see another dog on our website or group page email rescue@buffalopugs.org letting us know of the new dog you are interested in. Better yet come visit us at our adoption center during our weekend hours.

How can I help the rescue? 

Complete a volunteer application here https://www.buffalopugs.org/?page=generic&name=why_volunteer

Stop in at the adoption center to meet us and join the team. 

Donate here https://www.buffalopugs.org/?page=generic&name=donate

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Do you have questions we have not answered? Stop out during our weekend hours to ask our volunteers and fosters and feel free to email.

2200 Military Rd, Tonawanda NY 14150




Our Board of Directors:

Ernest J Gainey III - President / Director of IT
Vanessa Gillette - Vice President-Treasurer Buffalo
Leslie Andrews - Treasurer-Rochester

Pam Russell- Director

Kelly Meckes-Secretary


Liz Noe

Wayne Kast

Joey Renee Cornell

Tiffany Grover

Vanessa Gillette - Events / Fundraising




Volunteer Guidelines and Home Visit Guidelines

Code of Ethics