01509 - Magoo

ID: 01509
Name: Magoo
Sex: Male
Breed: Pekingese / Pure Breed
Age: 10 Years
Weight: 17 lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes [12+]
Housetrained: No
Requested Donation: $175.00

Magoo is a very sweet little Pekingese gentleman who has not had the best of care in his 10 years of life.  Due to this he is blind, and does not appear to have much hearing either. He has some serious dental issues we are working on clearing up for him, but he will need to remain on soft and nutritious moist food for the rest of his life.

Even with all the discomfort he has to be experiencing at this time, he continues to be a happy guy. His tail is always wagging and he never misses the opportunity to show his gratitude with a kiss. 

Magoo loves to explore his environment and seems to circle if he is lost or confused of his whereabouts, but it doesn't seem to deter him one bit.

We are working on his house manners, so patience with him will be a must.  All in all, he is just a love to be around. He has won our hearts literally over night.

*Magoo Update*
Magoo went for his vet check and had an excellent outcome!  Although his eyes are what they are due to years of neglect from an untreated ulcer and cataracts, his hearing is much improved! He had a build up of dirt and a bit of yeast,  but with some drops he is already hearing much better and responding to the sounds of our house. For 10 years of age physically he is in great  shape.  His joints and body are tip top. The best news was the suspected heart murmur that was heard at the shelter was not detected at this visit.  His mouth is completely healed but he still must eat soft food for lack of teeth. That doesn't stop him from being a happy go lucky loveable little guy.
If you think you have the perfect home for Magoo, please submit your application today!