01482 - Etta Blue

ID: 01482
Name: Etta Blue
Sex: Female
Breed: Boston Terrier / --Select--
Age: 9 Years
Weight: 18 lbs (very thin!)
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Requested Donation: $

Etta Blue is one of our heartbreakers. She came to us from a kill shelter- destined for euthanasia due to her health and age. We couldn’t stand back and watch this beautiful girl’s life get cut short, so we took her into rescue.

Etta is something special. It’s probably a good thing she can’t talk, because we’re sure she’s lived a horrible life. Etta is handshy and cautious with people. When she first arrived, the instant we touched her she’d crouch down to the ground in fear. While she is still timid, she’s begun making some progress. Just the other day she climbed on the couch and shared a blanket with her foster mom, she’s even become a little bit of a begger at meal time as she quietly sits nearby hoping for a little goodie to be offered to her. Her body condition is sadly thin. Etta has a significant heart murmur- a grade 5/6. She is not currently on any medication because she has no indications of fluid build up which is very promising for the time being. However, even when she is at rest, her heart is working as if she was running so adding weight to her thin frame is quite a difficult task. We add some cottage cheese into her kibble just to increase her caloric intake and also use other foods such as wet food to entice her to take in more. Also, Etta is missing an eye. We’re not sure how or why it was removed but she has one beautiful blue eye left.

Etta is completely non aggressive. She gets frightened when children approach her too quickly but has never made any inclination to bite or even growl. She would rather retreat to a place where she feels safe. Her days are spent lounging on her cozy bed in her fleece blankets and going for short walks. She’s not crazy about the snow, but she tolerates it. With frequent trips outside, she goes through the day accident free. She could care less if she’s in the crate or not. As long as her blanket is in there, she’s content. We’ve never even heard her bark.

Etta is a true rescue; a dog that most of the world would never consider bringing into their home or heart and a dog we cherish. We’re looking for someone extra special for Etta. This someone must understand that Etta’s heart condition is not something we can predict. She could be with you for just months or years. As time progresses, she may need medication. She needs someone who will continue to work to earn her trust. Gentle love heals all things and we promise she will leave a lasting impression on your heart. If you’d like to adopt Etta, please contact us or submit an adoption application.