01433 - Finley (update!)

ID: 01433
Name: Finley (update!)
Sex: Male
Breed: Italian Greyhound / Mix
Age: 1 year
Weight: 12 lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes [6+]
Housetrained: Yes
Requested Donation: $300.00

Update 6/29/13:  Who thought we'd be here writing another positive update on Finley? Even though we were given devestating news  from Cornell back in December, we are so happy to report that Finley is THRIVING in his foster home.  So well in fact, we have decided to remove him from medical hold in the hopes of finding him a forever home.  While Finley is in no way cured and his prognosis is still poor, we believe someone is out there for Finley to live out the rest of his life in a forever home. He has been asymptomatic thanks to his meds and careful diet & activity management from his foster parents. 

Update 12/6/12: I have dreaded this all evening, but it must be shared. Our dear Finley is not a candidate for surgery. The procedure we hoped would heal him, could in fact, kill him.

Aside from the pulmonic stenosis, he has several other issues that just simply cannot be repaired. We spent the entire day at Cornell, and sweet Fin was such a trooper. He charmed everyone there, just like he did with us. The

staff looked at every aspect in every way and just can't fix it. There isn't a single veterinarian in the nation who could help him. If there were, believe me, we would take him.

It seems he was born with a very special heart, unlike any other, and even though its "broken", he has never, ever let that show. His heart is extra big, and I truly believe its so he can love every one he has encountered that much more. (Take it from me, there is NOTHING like a Finley cuddle. He can rest his head on your shoulder in the most perfect, heart melting way. ♥)

So for now, with the help of some medication and careful monitoring, Finley will continue living life the way he always has: happy, carefree, and very, very loved.

Myself and everyone at Buffalo Pugs would like to thank you all for supporting Finley (and us) along this journey. We do not know how long Finley will be with us, but we do know that every single moment will count.



Finley is a gorgeous boy who has lived a tough life thus far. He came into the shelter emaciated with pneumonia. They did all they could for him and when he was ready, they asked us to help him. We were told Finley had a heart murmur.

After consulting with our vet and Finley experiencing a fainting spell, we brought him to Orchard Park to meet with a Cardiologist for an EKG & Echocardiogram. Finley’s diagnostics revealed he had Severe Pulmonic Stenosis. Essentially, one of the valves of Finley’s heart does not open right which compromises blood flow. He is a youngster- not even 1 year old yet and the only way to save Finley is to take him to Cornell for a surgery where they will insert a balloon into this valve to open it the right way. This surgery is expensive, but it is what Finley needs to live. Right now, we are working hard to raise the funds for his surgery. Without it, he risks sudden death if his heart fails. He is a young boy with a long life ahead of him. He’s sweet, loving, friendly and will for sure mean the world to his new family one day- he already means the world to us.