01067 - Danny

ID: 01067
Name: Danny
Sex: Male
Breed: --Select-- / --Select--
Age: 10-12 Years
Weight: 20lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Requested Donation: $250
Status: Poodle Mix

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5/26/2011 ~ Sadly, Danny left for the Rainbow Bridge this morning. We would like to thank his foster family for the unconditional love and care that they have provided for Danny and for loving an old dog like their own. We know now that Danny is again happy, healthy and able at the bridge.

We have no idea how long Danny had wandered cold and alone on the streets of Rochester, but he finally had stumbled upon some good luck when he darted out in front of a car being driven by one of our volunteers. He hit the brakes and caught Danny with a blanket and rushed him to the workplace of another one of our volunteers.

Danny was in horrible condition. This boy has suffered what appears to be years of neglect and abuse. He wore a metal choke chain around his neck with an old rabies tag dangling off of it. We called the vet that was listed on the tag. It was located clear across the city from where Danny was found and they sadly told us that the tag was at least 5 years old and they were unable to link it with an owner. We must admit that our volunteers were angered by the condition of this poor, old boy. He had bilateral cherry eye that had gone untreated for so long that the tissue hardened and tried to become external tissue and blocked most of his vision. He had almost a dozen growths on his body, nails that had not been clipped in ages, a sore hind end and when we offered him food, he sucked it down as fast as he could. His teeth have been ground down to almost nothing. He must have spent years chewing rocks, a chain or maybe a cage trying to break free from the hellish life he was living before. We wanted so badly to find his owner. We felt passionately that someone needed to answer for Danny’s condition. He never deserved this! But, after several unsuccessful attempts, we have moved forwards with his care. The only other option was to surrender him to the humane society so they could open a case, but we knew Danny stood no chance there and the best thing for him was to take him into our rescue and try to give him the life he deserved to have all along.

Physically, we have spared nothing to fix all that had been ailing Danny. Our vets have removed the cherry eye and gave Danny back his field of vision. We have removed all the growths that have been found to be benign. Danny is in a foster home with a family and a network of volunteers that love him. He is warm, well fed and will never go without again. He is a true rescue dog, and bears the scars of his past.

Danny is frightened of people, he is unsure whether the hand coming towards him is a kind one or one that is going to cause him more pain. When he is sleeping and touched, he wakes up in defensive mode. His foster family makes sure they call him sweetly when waking him. He needs to know that he is safe. It is not Danny’s fault that he lives on edge. But, we know that Danny is very capable of loving someone that will just give him a chance.

Danny is being fostered in Rochester.

Danny's adoption donation is $150
Danny is available through our Senior 4 Senior program! If he is adopted by a Senior (over 50), his adoption donation is $50