00509 - Pebbles

ID: 00509
Name: Pebbles
Sex: Female
Breed: --Select-- / --Select--
Age: 5 years
Weight: 10lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown
Good w/Children: Unknown
Housetrained: No
Requested Donation: $250
Status: Shih Tzu

Professional Photo Donated By Furtography

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Pebbles has been put on medical hold because she has grade 3 luxating patella in both of her back legs. Due to this medical problem, Pebbles can hardly walk on her own. We recently had two pugs with the same condition (Thumper and Pearl) and after the surgery, both of the pug girls can walk and carry on a normal life. Pebbles will need the same, but the surgery is nearly $2000.00 and we must attempt to collect some donations so that we can get this done for her. Until Pebbles has her surgery and 6-8 weeks of recovery time, she will not be available for adoption. If you can help us meet our goal to have the surgery done, we and Pebbles would greatly appreciate it... every little bit helps!

Meet Pebbles! This poor dolly has been a puppy machine for the Amish puppy mill and we are happy to have been able to bring her into "retirement". We will post more pictures after we have been able to get her all groomed and prettied up for her public!

Pebbles is very sweet and just truly enjoys being with her people. She's a major cuddler and will be happy to keep your lap and bed warm for you! If you have an opening, please consider this girlie for the job... we are sure you won't be disappointed! Submit your application for Pebbles today!

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Pebbles has been ADOPTED!