00034 - Tinkerbell

ID: 00034
Name: Tinkerbell
Sex: Female
Breed: --Select-- / --Select--
Age: 5-7 y/o
Weight: 4 lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: No
Requested Donation: $250
Status: Chihuahua

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Update 1/23/06:Hello all, This is Brenda Jo here, in November I sent out a posting to the list offering to make doggie sweaters to help raise $$ for the BP&SBRS, well I did get some of them done and sent out but I wanted to update you about why I haven't been sending them out lately, right after I got going on them my Tinky began going downhill, her little heart just got weaker and weaker, she had been on meds for the heart murmur since shortly after I got her. She needed all my attention and I would get home from work and immediately pick her up and hold her for the rest of the night untill I had to go back to work again. She got so weak she wouldn't lift her head up and I happened to find a WONDERFUL herbal product on the internet and began giving it to her, she got so much better it was like she hadn't been sick at all but it only lasted about two weeks and she began going downhill again. I had such a difficult time with it, I knew I was losing her and there was nothing I could do, every night I would pray to God to please if she had to go please let her go at home so I wouldn't have to take her to a strange place. Her little heart was just so damged from the heart murmur and on New Year's Eve day I lost her at about 11 in the morning, Even now I can hardly write this because I miss her so much. Some days are really bad and some days are better. But God did answer my prayer and she was at home when she left, on her couch where she had spent so much time, and I was with her. I have several sweaters started and I keep wanting to get going on them but I just have not gottten my heart into yet. I know you all understand but I feel badly that I started this and didn't finish it. I plan to get back to it soon so if you wrote to me and said you wanted a sweater I have you on a card and will be getting into the swing of things again soon. I didn't forget you. I still have my other Chi, Frodo who is getting spoiled rotten, and my little mutt Hobo. So life goes on, but I just wanted to let you all know why you hadn't heard from me, If anyone has a doggie with heart problems I would so encourage you to look into the stuff I got for Tinky, I really believe it would work wonders if you caught it in time. The web address is www.caninehearthealth.com Thanks! Brenda Jo Nanni

Update From NEW Home 2/8/04: I cannot tell you how much we LOVE this little girl! She is such a sweetheart, as you can see, Tinky has found her favorite spot on my couch and that's where I snapped most of these pics. In pics number 5 and 6 she is shown with her new brother Hobo, sorry I couldn't get her new sis Babygirl in a photo with her they haven't really bonded much as yet. But Tinky loves my pillow and in pics number 1 and 2 you can see her sitting beside Daddy. She didn't want to eat much the first couple of days but we found out how to coax her into it and now she eats a good breakfast before we go to work and a good supper when we get home. And she even tells the kitties to get away from her dish when they get too close. Potty training is going well. Daddy did step in a couple of accidents but now we keep papers down in ALOT of places and she has been trying to remember to use them. I did sign up for the pet insurance that you wrote about, I would like to get her to my vet this week as she has a bit of a cough that doesn't seem to be getting better, but anyway, we are so happy to have her here, she has found a spot in our family and we are looking forward to many fun years with her

Tinkerbell is a 5-7 year old, female Chihuahua. She was a stray that was transferred from a Rochester shelter, and we suspect by her condition that she was used for breeding and discarded. She is a little bit of a girl and weighs only about 4 lbs, but we are working on fattening her up. She is spayed and up-to-date on all her shots. She has no medical issues with the exception of a mild heart murmur that the vet said requires no medication. Tinkerbell has a typical Chi personality, so can be a little timid and apprehensive initially. She warms up quickly though and loves being cuddled and carried around like a baby. She has particular dislikes and will let you know by a warning growl, so would do best with a quiet household with breed-experienced adult(s) or older kids. She is not housetrained, does not like to walk on a leash, and is very sensitive to the cold, but we are working on these things with her. She gets along well with cats and calm dogs, likes children and loves snuggling in blankets. Please fill out your application for Tinkerbell today and give her a nice, warm forever home where she can be pampered like the little princess she is!!